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I have an extensive computer programming (C & Java) background and have written a book on C, published in a series by P.J. Plauger.

Check out my software company, Duckware where my core product is a panorama viewer, called PMVR. Also, take a look at PanoHelp.com, which provides tips, techniques, and articles to help you create incredibly detailed panoramas.

Photography is a very serious hobby of mine. I started many years ago with a Nikon 6006 film camera, and ended up today with a Nikon D300 and D700, which came with Nikon's Capture NX. Almost everything I know about NX has been self taught (by reading the Capture NX manual, Nikon's how to, and other articles) and I decided to document some of that process on this site.

Hopefully documenting my learning process and ideas presents a fresh perspective and provides you with insights into Capture NX and photography that you might not find elsewhere.


- Jerry Jongerius

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