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Color Control Points: Color Control Points are incredibly flexible, allowing for light adjustments based upon color matching, and radiating a distance from a control point.
Color Control Point

How to use: Click on the color control point icon in the toolbar palettes and position on your photo. Resize and instantly adjust brightness (B), contrast (C), saturation (S), etc.

Example: Here is an example of an original photo, a control point (with 'B', brightness, increased) with its selection shown (right click on control point and select 'Show Selection'), and the resulting photo:
Color Control Point Example
Changing Eye Color: Or, position a Color Control Point over an eye, open up the Advanced options, and change the color (from blue to green), like:
Change Eye Color Example
As you can see, control points enable incredibly complex selections (based upon color) with very little effort. Because the control point selection is based upon color, even subtle changes in the control point location can sometimes have dramatic affects on your photo. So, click and drag a control point around to get a feel for how it works.

Watch Videos on using Color Control Points (by Nikon)

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