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Why so important: Adjusting exposure under 'Develop' / 'Quick Fix' is so important, instead of using other Adjustments, because of how Capture NX handles NEF dynamic range. If you have blown highlights in your photo, you must recover via exposure compensation (no other Adjustment can recover).

Using View / Show Lost Highlights: Using 'Show Lost Highlights' under the View menu can assist you in determining the correct exposure for your photo. It will show you visually if you have any highlights that are 'lost' (color channel value maxed out, or set to 255).

Exposure Compensation Properties
Using Exposure Compensation: You will find 'Exposure Compensation' in the Edit List under 'Develop' / 'Quick Fix'.

Example: You can change the exposure from -2EV to +2EV and changes affect the entire photo. Here is an example of the correction (+2EV) that is possible:

Exposure Compensation Example
Exposure compensation to recover from underexposure(strong backlight) error

Hopefully it demonstrates how quickly (by using a simple slider), exposure can be changed after the fact.

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