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+1EV as a 'Next Step'

Points at (58,113) (110,167) and (171,219)
Plus One EV: The 'problem' is that within Capture NX, the only way to (currently) adjust EV is under 'Develop', which applies to an entire photo, and by only -2EV to +2EV. But what is you want +3EV. Or what if you want to apply +1EV to just a portion of your photo? And because Nikon uses a custom tone curve, that greatly complicates creating an accurate "+1EV" Adjustment (without access to Nikon internal information).

However, by carefully observing the behavior of EV compensation on an actual photograph, the underlying changes can be deduced, and an approximate +1EV 'Levels & Curves' adjustment made.

The 'Levels & Curves' that you see to the right is a very close approximation of '+1EV' as a next step -- and while it is not perfect, for most situations, it works incredibly well.

Validating the curve: Here is an example photo that was underexposed due to a backlight situation:

Underexposed photo
and here is a comparison of a true +2EV Exposure Compensation (left photo) under 'Develop' as compared to two back-to-back +1EV 'Levels & Curves' (right photo) described above:

+2EV Exposure Compensation

Two +1EV Levels & Curves

Hopefully Nikon will realize the benefits of adding 'EV compensation' as a next step, and add a 'true' EV adjustment into a future Capture NX version.

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