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Linking Adjustments
Why Linking is needed: Why does Nikon allow you to link multiple adjustments into a single step? After all, you could just do the same thing in multiple steps, right?

If your Selections are always the entire photo, then that is very true. The real power of linked Adjustments comes into play when you start to apply Adjustments to just portions of photos.

So, you have just created an incredibly complex Selection for a single Adjustment (like a blown out window) and want to apply another Adjustment to the same complex selection. You certainly don't want to have to recreate the complex Selection.

Linking Adjustments is the solution.

How to Link Adjustments: First make sure that the step you want to add a linked Adjustment to is open . Hold down the shift key while selecting another Adjustment from the main menus (TIP: do not use New Step button). The result is what you see to the upper right. Namely, a single step, with the same selection (see 'Partially Selected'), but with multiple Adjustments.

Notice the icon, which signifies a step with linked Adjustments.

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