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Index What is Capture NX?

Capture NX: Capture NX is Nikon's premier NEF/RAW photo editor. If you own a Nikon digital camera capable of producing NEF files (like a Nikon DSLR) and want to produce better looking and amazing photos, then download Capture NX (go to download site) and give the 60-day trial a try! You have nothing to lose.
TIP: Most of Nikon's DSLR's allow you to save both a JPEG and a NEF when a picture is taken -- so you get the best of both worlds. If the JPEG looks great, you are done. Otherwise adjust the NEF in Capture NX!
Adjust camera settings after the fact: With Capture NX, you can quickly and easily adjust and correct camera settings after the fact. Fix Underexposure. Fix overexposure. Correct for camera tilt. Sharpen photos. Correct white balance (color tint). Reduce Noise. Recompose (crop). And many other Adjustments.

An example: DSLR's are incredibly easy to use since a lot of settings can just be set to 'automatic' (just point and shoot). However, what do you do when the DSLR makes subtle errors? Reshoot, or just change a setting? With Capture NX, just change a setting after the fact. Here is a subtle example that shows how a very minor white balance adjustment can help to make a dull photo POP (full details):

NEF: NEF stands for 'Nikon Electronic Image Format', which is Nikon's RAW photo format. A NEF records camera settings and the raw camera sensor information in a single file for later processing. Advanced NEF Info

Undo capability: Any change that you make to a NEF is reversible, even years later. So a NEF is your 'proof copy' of the photo. Whenever you need a JPEG, you can 'Save As...' a JPEG, either as a last step, or as part of a batch process on several NEF at once.
TIP: If you need to edit a JPEG or TIFF, you can, but save your edits to a NEF, so there is a record of the edits, which can be undone, as needed.
Batch Processing: Batch processing allows you to make the same adjustments to any number of NEF's at the same time.

Fix problems after the fact: What do you do when you take a picture with automatic white balance that is horribly wrong? Do you have to reshoot, playing around with white balance until your get the correct setting? No! Just open the NEF in Capture NX, and with a couple of mouse clicks, immediately fix the problem:

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