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Many of the Adjustments within Capture NX are very powerful in their own right, but when combined with the Selection, Linking, and Opacity capabilities, they become much more powerful.

For example, you can brighten and correct the white balance of just a person's face in a single edit list step. And then correct a second person's face, but to a different white balance. And while this example is extreme, it does show how powerful Capture NX is.

Also, each Adjustment can have an Opacity (0 to 100%), along with a blending mode (normal, lighten, screen, overlay, multiply, darken).

  'Develop' Adjustments
The following Adjustments are only possible within the first 'Develop' adjustment, and many available only if the photo is a RAW NEF file. These have no Selection capability, so they apply to the entire photo:

  • White Balance
    • set color temperature (Kelvin) with fine adjustment
    • set gray point via single point or marquee sample
  • Picture Control
    • change camera's 'Picture Control' settings after the fact
    • Unchanged, Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, D2XMODE 1/2/3
  • Active D-Lighting
    • reveals details in shadows and highlights
    • corrects underexposure, backlighting, insufficient flash
    • can not be turned on after the fact - must be turned on inside camera
  • Exposure Compensation
    • correct underexposure and overexposure
    • -2EV to +2EV compensation
    • Recover blown highlights
  • Color Moiré Reduction
    • reduce color interference caused by regular patterns
    • off/low/medium/high
  • Image Dust Off
    • uses dust off reference photo to remove dust marks from photos
  • Auto Lateral Color Aberration
    • on/off: fixes Chromatic Aberrations
  • Axial Color Aberration
    • on/off: fixes Color Aberrations
  • Auto Distortion
    • correct lens barrel (telephoto) distortion
    • correct lens pincushion (wide-angle) distortion
  • Auto Red-eye
  • Vignette Control
    • corrects for drop in brightness at lens edges
  • Fisheye Lens correction
    • converts fisheye view to rectilinear view
  Control Point Adjustments
  • Color Control Point
    • U-point technology
    • unique way to selectively adjust color/light in your photo
    • selectively brighten portions of photos; change eye color; etc
  • Black Control Point
    • defines color in your photo that should be set to 'black' (0,0,0)
    • establishes low end of dynamic range
    • corrects color casts
  • White Control Point
    • defines color in your photo that should be set to 'white' (255,255,255)
    • establishes high end of photo dynamic range
    • corrects color casts
  • Neutral Control Point
    • for minor color cast correction
    • better to use White Balance on RAW NEF instead
  • Red-Eye Reduction control Point
    • fast 'red-eye' elimination
  Advanced Adjustments
  • Levels & Curves
    • adjust contrast, brightness, color balance
    • white/neutral/black point dropper
    • can treat RGB independently
  • Contrast / Brightness
    • adjust contrast via simple slider without color shifts
    • adjust brightness via simple slider without color shifts
    • Do not use - use the same sliders under Color balance instead
  • Auto Levels
    • spreads color information across entire tonal range
    • auto: redistributes each color channel to full range
    • advanced: auto with contrast / color cast correction sliders
  • D-lighting
    • reveals details in shadows and highlights
    • corrects underexposure, backlighting, insufficient flash
  • LCH
    • adjust luminosity, color lightness, chroma, and hue
    • change brightness without adding color casts
  • Color balance
    • adjust brightness/contrast and color balance
    • cyan/red slider
    • magenta/green slider
    • yellow/blue slider
  • Color booster
    • adjust color saturation with ability to protect skin tones
  • Saturation/Warmth
    • -100 to 100 saturation slider
    • blue/red warmth slider
  • Gaussian Blur
    • reduces detail
    • create soft-focus effects on photo background
    • smoothing effect on skin tones
  • High Pass Filter
    • finds strong edge definitions
    • sharpening/detail tool
  • Unsharp Mask
    • enhances edges in your photo
    • sharpening/detail tool
  • Distorition Control
    • correct lens barrel (telephoto) distortion
    • correct lens pincushion (wide-angle) distortion
  • Lateral Color Aberration
    • corrects Chromatic Aberrations
  • Noise Reduction
    • to reduce digital noise, usually introduced by high ISO
  Filter Adjustments
  • Photo Effects:
    • convert photo to black/white, sepia, or tinted
    • adjust brightness, cyan/red, magenta/green, yellow/blue
  • Add Grain/Noise
    • add a stylistic effect to your photo
  • Contrast: Color Range
    • control contrast between selected colors
  • Colorize
    • add a color to your photo
  • Black & White Conversion
    • black/white conversion with extra options
  Basic Adjustments
The following Adjustments have no Selection capability (apply to the entire photo), and can not be linked to other Adjustments:
  • Flip
    • flip horizontal or vertical
  • Rotate
    • 90° clockwise or 90° counter-clockwise
  • Straighten
    • rotate by any degree by drawing a horizon line on your photo
  • Cropping
    • free crop, or fixed aspect ratio crop
  • Size/Resolution
    • resize photo (pixels or dpi)
  • Fit Photo
    • resize photo to fit within bounding rectangle (pixels or dpi)
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